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Social security lawyers protect the rights of the elderly, disabled, and ensure that you get social security when you get a part-time job. Social security benefit eligibility also extends to retirees who no longer work actively. Under the Social Security Act, government lawyers can appeal to the Social Security Administration on the behalf of citizens interested in correcting a social security earnings record.

Zoning, Planning, and Land Use

Owners of land should inquire with land use lawyers about the proper use of their land. Zoning, planning, and land use lawyers work with municipalities in assigning uses to different areas of a city. Zoning ordinance lawyers uphold these zoning laws, protecting residents under family zoning laws by ensuring that businesses bringing dangerous traffic will not set up shop in their area.

Income Tax

Income tax lawyers defend tax-paying clients according to the taxpayer bill of rights. Income tax lawyers are government lawyers that defend their clients against the IRS. Utilizing their specialized knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code, these government lawyers specialize in tax filing requirements, personal exemptions for taxpayers, tax benefits of home ownership, inheriting IRAs, personal tax credits, and much more.

Tax Evasion

All citizens and legal residents of the U.S. are obligated to pay their taxes. If you have not filed taxes in a long time you may be charged with tax evasion (as opposed to the legal goal of tax avoidance). Tax evasion lawyers can provide defenses to tax evasion, pursue your right to appeal an audit, defend against nonpayment of household employee taxes, or help you in the case of a failure to file tax returns or pay tax penalties. Employment tax evasion lawyers are yet another subset of government lawyers. They work with a variety of cases involving employment tax evasion scams.

Agency and Miscellaneous

Government lawyers work for hundreds of governmental agencies and populate several government lawyer sub-groups. Federal Trade Commission lawyers, restaurant public health inspectors, federal disaster relief lawyers, Endangered Species Act lawyers, and education lawyers are just a few of these sub-groups, , but many other specializations exist as well.