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Defective Products Lawyers Can Defend You

Defective Products

Defective product class action lawsuits can severely damage a company, but can also provide financial relief to victims of defective products. This relief, called “damages,” will usually start by covering the victim’s medical expenses and go up from there to compensate for things like emotional damage. buy amoxil online canada Defective products lawyers are equipped to handle both class action and individual lawsuits.

Class Actions

In many cases, class actions are the most efficient way to pursue a defective product injury lawsuit because a defective product which is widely distributed is likely to have caused similar injuries to many other people. You may be familiar several categories of defective products lawyers already: breast implant injury lawyers, asbestos lawyers, and Depo-Provera lawyers are just a few of the specialists in the field.

Defective Cars and Car Recalls

Car defects recall lawyers head the defective car law category, dealing with major recalls-like the one against Firestone Tires in 2000. When a car is recalled because of a safety defect and this defect has caused injuries, those injured are likely to prevail in a defective products lawsuit against the car manufacturer. In cases of individual defect, defective products lawyers can invoke vehicle lemon law to protect consumers.

Food Poisoning

A common source of lawsuits against manufacturers and sellers of products is food poisoning. Almost any type of food can become contaminated, but common sources include beef, chicken, and fresh vegetables. Food recall lawyers deal with most cases of widespread contamination, while E. coli poisoning lawyers manage cases where food has been contaminated by the E. coli virus. Restaurant food poisoning lawyers deal with food poisoning that is not manufacturer-born.


Although the negative health effects of tobacco smoking are now well-known, tobacco class action lawyers have still had some success in suing tobacco companies for damages. These defective product lawyers will usually only take on a tobacco injury case at the individual level, as the number of people who are exposed to first- or second-hand smoke is tremendous.